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Collie Rotary Adventure Race

The Collie Rotary Adventure Race is back for 2024 with the entire event starting and finishing around the picturesque Minninup Pool on the Collie River. Every fitness level is catered for as you kayak, mountain bike, swim and run your way through various parts of the Collie River Valley.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What sort of canoe or paddle can I use? As long as it doesn't have a motor and it doesn't sink then you can use it!  Examples include: K1's, Sea Kayaks, Crossover and General Purpose

  2. How do the numbers and timing systems work? Each Ironman and Team will be provided with a wrist strap that will contain a timing chip for the duration of the event. In a team the wrist strap is passed onto each competitor at each transition. This will record your time and ensure each competitor is accounted for at the end of the event. Timing chips must be returned after the race at the finish line. A fee will be applied if they are not returned. Specific race numbers and stickers will also be provided for different legs. Details will be confirmed in the teams race guide closer to the event.

  3. Am I required to wear a bike helmet?  Yes, this is compulsory.  A helmet must be worn at all times, this includes during warmups, when leaving transition and must not be removed until after returning to transition.

  4. Can I ride an E-Bike?  Yes, as long as your E-Bike has not been chipped ie: only stock/factory e-bikes are permitted. Please note that regular MTBs have right of way.  E-bike riders are not eligible for fastest leg prizes and teams with an E-Bike are not eligible for team prizes.  E-bikes are being allowed to support participation.  If you or your team are competitive we strongly recommend you ride a regular mountain bike.

  5. Can I wear a wetsuit for the swim leg?  Yes, people are encouraged to wear wetsuits as the water in the Collie River can still be cool in March.

  6. I want to compete, but I don’t have a team can I still compete? We can try to place you in a team. Please complete the enquiry form on the Team Finder page. 

  7. How fast and how fit do I need to be?  This is a community event that encourages participation. You do not have to be a top athlete, but we do recommend that competitors possess a general level of fitness and an ability to complete their chosen leg.



Our volunteers will remain on course until the last participant is home safe.

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